Saturday, June 9, 2007

To Apply or Not

Emm... I've been thinking about this matter since last year. Whether to further my studies or not. Macam ni, selepas confirm jawatan (3 tahun percubaan), i can apply JPA scholarship to further studies. In my case, Master. Last year, i nak apply tapi fikir 'IF' i dapat scholar tu. Faiz will only be 1 year in 2007. Aku fikir kesian plak, faiz kecik lagi. Aku takut tak dapat nak handle belajar & being a good mom.

Tahun nie, ingat nak apply tp still lagi aku fikir pasal anak2 dan tambahan plak, my hubby tukar kerja dan dia kena kerja shift. (morning shift, evening shift and night shift). Banyak yang aku fikirkan, pertamanya pasal anak2 dan hubby, kedua pasal kemampuan aku nak belajar balik.

Kalau aku bujang lagi, memang aku tak lepaskan peluang. Sejak berkeluarga nie, i have to set my priority. For the time being my family (anak2) jadi priority utama aku. Tanya mak, 'tunggu la anak2 besar sikit'. tanya kawan2, 'bila anak2 dah besar, hang tambah plak lg sorang'. tanya hubby, dia sokong tp aku takut aku yg tak larat manage sorang2 sebab dia kerja shift.

kalau ikut hati, memang nak break dari suasana bekerja sekejap. Nak masuk 6 tahun dah aku kerja, tp entahlah. Hubby cakap, 'Insya-allah bila tiba masanya, Allah permudahkan segala urusan."

Aku kadang2 terbayang macam mana Sis Lollies merantau di Qatar, Sis Elisa di Dubai, Sis KD di Ireland sedangkan aku hanya merantau di Putrajaya dari Penang pun, ntah apa2. Walaupun hakikatnya proses nak dapat scholar nie panjang lagi (apply, prepare proposal for interview, result), kalau dapat macam mana?

Kalau korang jadi aku, nak apply ke tak nak?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

N.A.M.E. T.A.G

Rules of This Tag :

PROPOSITION : What is the meaning of your kid'(s) name(s)?

REQUIREMENTS : Write about what or how or why you gave the name(s) to your kid(s).

QUANTITY: 5 people

TAG MODE: Firstly you leave their blog and post link and add to the list below and secondly you let the blogger you want to tag know that he/she has been tagged by commenting in his/her blog or etc

The line of bloggers tagged

msau the meaning of SQ and Kiki

shopping mum the meaning of Justin and Isabelle

Judy Chow Terry

Shannon Rachel

Samm Gordon and Malcolm

Sasha lil J

Mott 2 Monkeys

Fatty Poh's Fatty Boy


D Abg Z Abg H Princess & Litle D

DadofFour Siti Khadijah, Muhammad Yusof, Siti Kauthar, Muhammad Ibraheem and Muhammad Umar

Minah Celoteh Big Q & small q
1na Muiz and Faiz

Again, it was be me being tagged not the other way around. Kesian kan? Anyway, I enjoy it la MC.

1st Son : Ahmad Muizzuddin [11.12.2003]

Intend to named him Muhammad but then just imagine if his fullname would be Muhammad Muizzuddin bin F@kh**l @n**r and then imagine his name be printed on MyKid, Fuyoooo panjangnyer. Alas his short name is Muiz.

My hubby told me that Ahmad is the short name for Muhammad (our prophet name) and MuiZZuddin means ‘Penyokong Agama’. And of course our doa’s with the name.

BTW, it was me who gets soo excited about naming our son.

I just cannot imagine when he went to school and his teacher (if Chinese or Indian) would pronounce his name, “Ahmad Mu mu ij judin”. There u go. Haiya…

2nd Son : Ahmad Faizzuddin [1.1.2006]

Emmm, my 2nd son @ Faiz was supposed to be delivered on 27th January 2006 but alas he decided to pop out 3 weeks early. To be exact on 1st January 2006. The meaning of FaiZZuddin (flipping thru buku nama anak-anak) is berjaya, orang yang suka bersedekah

Again, it was me who gets excited and I wanted ‘double Z’ to be in his name, so off u go Nazmuddin, Najmudin etc.

I tag emm, sapa yang belum kena tag lagi, please raise up ur hands?!. Oh, nobody?? Then using my veto compact powder @ power (not so power la kan. Its up u to do or not doing the tag thingy, okay? :D ). I chop@tag u guys la …

Mom to WKH Jrs

Monday, June 4, 2007

My Little Froggy

My cute little FROGGY

Stand-in actors - SUMO-LAH hehehehehehe

Received this in my comment box regarding ...

One of my articles evolving health tips : -

Please read on, folks ...


The National Research Council of Canada (also referred to as NRC) has recently learned of an email that is circulating which claims we have proven that Vicks VapoRub™ can be applied to the feet to cure a persistent cough. We would like to take this opportunity to dispel this suggestion. The e-mail suggests that NRC has conducted research comparing the effectiveness of prescription cough medicines in children to alternative therapies like acupressure. However, our databases indicate that no such studies involving Vicks VapoRub have been conducted at NRC. It is rare for NRC to engage in research into alternate applications of medications. The email message also refers to NRC incorrectly as the “Canada Research Council.” The proper name of our organization is the National Research Council Canada.Home remedies, homeopathy and alternative therapies for illnesses are popular areas of interest for Canadians, especially in recent years. Although NRC conducts some research in these areas (NRC conducts research on nutraceuticals and therapeutic attributes of plants), our focus is more frequently on medical and pharmaceutical treatments for illness and disease. Some of our best-known advancements have been in this field, including: the first practical motorized wheelchair, the first artificial pacemaker, the Meningitis-C vaccine, the cobalt bomb and research into food-borne pathogens and water safety, to name a few.Through these innovations, NRC scientists have improved the quality of life of millions of people around the world. For almost a century, the NRC has been adapting to address new national challenges and priorities. More information can be found on our website at

Sender :
Sarah Dea, National Research C Homepage 05.28.07 - 2:19 pm #