Friday, May 29, 2009


Even though there's so much work at workplace, bad office politicking at work, chores at home.... I must choose HAPPINESS...
Coz Positive attitude influences good things,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me Time

What do your understand of "Me Time". Is it you being selfish when u just wanna relax and have ur own time thinking about yourself only? Lately i've been thinking of having 'me time'. Just to unwind, relax, do whatever i love doing, only to come back a few hours later to a home full of unfinished domestic jobs... unfolded clothes, unswept floor, unwashed dirth laundry.


Does is really exist of "me time" term? I do loves my family, so much. But certain times i DO need time to myself, be it exercising, walking, reading.... Things i loved to do before...

Sacrifice... My sacrification to ensure everything runs properly, clean clothes to wear, clean house to envoke homey environment, be a good mother if not the best, a better wife if not a good one, an obedient daughter to the best mom, a good worker, a good boss, a good and lovely collegue...

Darn... it's a tough job u guys... I do deserve 'Me Time'

"Happy Mothers Day"

A Mum is a Rose whose petals are Soft,
A Mum is a Lily whose stem is Tall and Strong,
A Mum is a Person who is Never Wrong and
A Mum is a Person you should Love Forever.

Trust her, Believe Her and Never Doubt Her

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When I'm bored,

Here's the result - my scribbles yesterday. I'm so bored that i practically drew (more like doodling) what came across in my mind. Mind you, i was attending 2 days seminar at InT@n.

If u managed to identify the doodles, i was thinking of saving the earth, possibly 2nd car next year (Have guys u read/heard about Exora review?), new sunglasses, new wifi phone (kak rozi, if u are reading this, i envy u surfing tau), balik kampung - Penang again, new Coach handbag (i can dream, kan?), to apply for master next year, go to Langkawi or Kuching for family vacation (hint hubby) and of course trying to draw heliconia flowers... hehehehehe

Oppss BTW, the seminar is regarding about Integration Leadership. That reminds me to google about Muhammad Natsir (Pak Natsir), Indonesion Prime Minister. Who is this person? Harus ditelusuri Internet ...