Monday, June 15, 2009

Astro kid carnival at MV

Muiz took part in some games on the stage yesterday. They're 12 kids. Muiz was paired with the chinese girl behind him (in the pic). Later on i asked him what did the girl say to him just now. Innocently he told me, 'tak tau, dia cakap cina'.

Aiya, ada rupa cina ka muiz nie?

BTW, dia dapat tuala Sponge Bob - Nickelodeon.. woo hoo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kena Tag

Ceritanya, saya kena tag oleh Cik Adik Cute nie tapi tak diberi tahu pun. Nasib baik tengok blog dia, baru tau... kalau tak, sampai kesudahnya tak buat ler

1. Anda perlu printscreen wallpaper anda yang tengah gune skang..jgn tipu2 ek..

2) Bagitau kenapa anda suka wallpaper anda..

Best ooo tengok anak sendiri exercise menonggeng macam tu. Mak dia tengok jer (sila lihat jari mak dia yang montel dan mungil itu di seblh bawah penjuru kanan)

3) Tag 10 orang

Persoalan pertama, ada ke yg baca blog saya nie?! Ada.. la tapi takde cukup sampai sepuluh kot... Senaraikan jer la.

a) Kak Sya
b) Kak Pnut
c) Mak Lang
d) Cahaya aziyan
e) Sis Atiza
f) My brother, suhaimi
g) - j) sesapa jer la

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well... do you have a journal? Mine was years ago during my teen years. It's more a crush journal. I've just started to have one lately. My intentions was to track Food Intake Journal and recently i've read that u r highly encouraged to have a Fitness Journal too. I don't have a specific journal (like in the picture), just a lined journal.

Early this year, i've been searching hi and low for Moleskin notebook. Instead i found 'Notebook' notebook, a cheaper version to Moleskin. I bought one blank page and one lined page. And lately a smaller one to be stash in my handbag. I need the motivation (yea, blame it to motivation, ha ha ) to start tracking my food intake and exercise regime.

Yesteday my FIL commented on Muiz that he kept wearing oversize shirt, his pants getting tighter, oversize sport shoes. He's getting chubbier, and i want to incorporate fitness activities to both of us (yup, sayang... u can join also... not missing u too my darling Faiz). I've planned for walk in the park, play frisbee, play squash, play footbal or basketball, not just sticking to Cardio Blast DVD only.

We'll see the progress later. Adios
BTW, i've lost @kilos just by watching my Calorie intake (i'm not limiting any meals just the calories only).

Hurray... A small step to a long journey :DAlign Right